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2013 NCAA Tournament TNIAAM Bracket Challenge

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Because you knew there was going to be one, right?

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I won't waste your time (as I usually do), this is the link.

If it asks you for a password, it is:


There are seed multipliers with the scoring, so choose your upsets wisley.

Sean tells me that he's working hard to dig up some prizes...

...perhaps a set of bleachers with orange and white cushion seats that spell 'TOPS' to the winner...could it be a date on the kissing bench with Betsey Johnson?...or maybe 3 street preachers with megaphones who will spend a week spreading the gospel of YOU?!?!?!


Just enter, pick the Orange to win (unless you're a confounding pragmatist who actually wants to win), and enjoy the greatest spectacle in sports with your Orangemen/women sistren/brethren!

I will provide periodic updates and analysis.




P.S. I was going to include Felonius Phunk in the proctoring, but when he texted me Sunday saying 'Cuse was a lock for a 3-seed, I knew he lacked the College Basketball foresight and acumen to participate in this epic event.

EDITOR UPDATE: Here are the prizes!

Bracket Challenge Winner gets...






The Bracket Challenge Runner-Up gets...