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2013 NCAA Tournament: How The Hell Do I Find truTV?

Before you ask me, "What channel is truTV?," read this.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to write a quick post for Syracuse Orange fans regarding their upcoming appearance on truTV for two reasons...

1. Unless you're a big fan of Lizard Lick Towing, I'm guessing you might not know off the top of your head how to find it.

2. A vain attempt to cut down on the amount of times people will tweet me "What channel is the game on?" and "what channel is truTV?" five minutes before Friday's game against the Montana Grizzlies starts.

So, please, pay attention to the following listings for truTV, depending on your cable or satellite provider...

Time Warner Cable SD: Channel 52

Time Warner Cable HD: 884

Verizon Fios SD: 183

Verizon Fios HD: 683

DirecTV: 246

Dish Network: 204

Comcast: Find out here

Other: You're on your own

Of course, you can also watch tournament games online with March Madness Live.

Let us never speak of this again...