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F*** You, Denny's: ACC Considering Tournament Move To NYC

The fabled Denny's sit-down between Jim Boeheim, Rick Pitino, Mike Brey and Jamie Dixon may not happen after all.

Al Bello

Breathe easy, James Arthur Boeheim. You might not ever have to eat a Lumberjack Slam after all.

WNCN in Raleigh is reporting that the ACC is looking into the possibility of moving the ACC Tournament to New York City in the near future.

The ACC is considering moving its tournament to New York City, a top league official confirmed Friday.

Many cities covet the tournament, and the ACC will announce the host cities for at least 2016-2021 this spring. Karl Hicks, the league's associate commissioner who runs the tournament, told WNCN the conference will discuss the matter at its April meetings and again in May. He said a decision is possible in April but more likely in May.

The tourney is locked in to Greensboro through 2015.

According to Hicks, Greensboro, Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa and D.C. have submitted bids. Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center dumbly did not submit bids back in September under some weird Big East-ian logic that they'd be totally cool sticking with the Big East and, like A-10. However, with the Catholic 7 about to expand westward and what's left of the Big East about to become centered in Memphis, the ACC will have solid ownership over the entire East Coast soon enough.

Hicks was coy about how MSG or another arena could get involved in the bidding again but left the door wide open. In other words, the ACC wants to move the tourney to NYC, it's just a matter of someone offering up the deal.

No one will be happier than Jim Boeheim.