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Syracuse vs. Georgetown: This One's Payback, Though Not For What You Think

A familiar scenario is playing out Friday night in the Big East Tournament, though this time the roles are reversed.

Nate Shron

One team was among the best in the nation while the other lagged behind.

One team dominated the other in two games during the regular season.

One team got a double-bye and seemed a lock for bigger things while the other had to work their way through the Big East Tournament.

They met again and the "better" team lost. Not only that but the loss changed the entire course of their post-season.

The season was 2009-2010. The better team was the Syracuse Orange. The lesser team was the Georgetown Hoyas.

When they met in that third game, losing wasn't the tough part for Syracuse. Losing Arinze Onuaku was. At the time we blamed Chipotle (well, I did), but we (I) knew better. This was Georgetown's doing. Butler just finished the job.

And so we meet again, only this time the roles are reversed. Georgetown is the dominant force and Syracuse is the scrappy upstart. The Hoyas flat-out dominated us both times this season and give us no reason to think Friday will be any differently. They view this game as one more stop on the way to NCAA glory.

That's why we need to win.

We don't want to injure anyone (right?). We just want to send a message. We remember and we will not forget. And we can take the memory of ruining this special moment with us into the great unknown.

Remember, Remember, the eleventh of March(tember).

Chalk powder, AO's knee and jump shot.

I see no reason why chalk powder & AO's knee

Should ever be forgot.