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Oklahoma QB Transfer Drew Allen Will Visit Syracuse

Former Oklahoma QB Drew Allen will visit Syracuse, amongst other schools, as he looks to find a place to play in his final season of eligibility.

Christian Petersen

Syracuse picked up a quarterback from the state of Tennessee yesterday and now comes news that another one from Oklahoma is possibly interested. Not just the state of Oklahoma, mind you, the University version.

So who the hell is this guy and how the heck did we get involved?

Allen has basically been the odd-man out during his time with the Oklahoma Sooners. He sat third on the depth chart last year behind Landry Jones and Blake Bell and would have to contend with redshirt freshman Trevor Knight as well. Interested in getting on the field, the graduating senior is basically looking to pull a Greg Paulus and use his remaining year of eligibility elsewhere.

In late January, Allen made his intentions clear.

"My goals and aspirations since I came to college were to play. I've always wanted to play here and have a significant role here and I'd love to do that."

Allen did not play last season, but he played in five games his sophomore season, picking up negligible stats.

Allen was extremely sought after during recruiting. A PrepStar All-American Top 250 player, he threw for 2,315 yards and 22 touchdowns, rushed for over 400 yards and held a 56% completion percentage his senior year. Rivals had rated him the No. 15 pro-style QB out there and Scout said he was the No. 38 QB prospect in the nation.

It might sound strange getting excited about someone else's sloppy seconds but we're talking about Oklahoma here. I don't think I'm speaking out of turn in saying their third or fourth best quarterback could probably be the starter for a decent amount of programs out there.

We'll see if anything comes of it. We've got the Greg Paulus Experiment under our belt to prove we can pull it off, it's just up to Allen and the coaches to see if there's a fit. After that, he'd have to earn his spot just like the other four guys already fighting for it.

H/T: OJthecuseman