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Syracuse Daily Links - Bills Cut Fitzpatrick, Making Room For Nassib?

The team announced the move Tuesday, shortly after the NFL's free agency period opened, and a day before Fitzpatrick was due a $3 million bonus. Does this open the door for a 2nd-round Ryan Nassib selection?

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Buffalo Bills open free agency by cutting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick |

The team announced the move Tuesday, shortly after the NFL's free agency period opened, and a day before Fitzpatrick was due a $3 million bonus. Does this open the door for a 2nd-round Ryan Nassib selection?

Syracuse basketball: Seven burning questions answered | The Juice Online

A time when I wrote about the 7 burning questions facing the Syracuse basketball team, the answers to which would ultimately determine just how good this team would be. Now, with the regular season wrapped up, I decided to revisit those questions and answer them one by one.

Does Syracuse basketball’s non-conference schedule help seeding? | The Juice Online

The Aztecs and 49ers did not do the Orange any favors with their late season struggles. However, if the 49ers are able to win their conference tournament, Syracuse will have two more quality wins against Tournament teams.

Fixer Upper: 3 Things That Must Be Corrected by SU in the Big East Tourney : Orange Fizz

The best all-around player on the team is C.J. Fair, but he’s still the quiet type. If he comes back next year you’d expect him to show leadership qualities. A few weeks ago, Fair started to comment that Triche needs to be more aggressive then stopped abruptly as if he realized he may have overstepped his bounds. It’s in him. It will come out at some point. But don’t count on it this year.

College Basketball YouTube Hall of Hate - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Coleman might have been the most talented Big East player I've ever seen in person — he was terrifyingly strong and athletic. And he was born to ball. Watch him run the offense after grabbing a board, attack the basket and then follow his shot — it's like there's a tractor beam emitted from the rim, drawing him in again and again. He'd dunk and pout, a routine of uninterested skill. Because of a frustrating pro career, his rep was dreadful for years. Now, he's in danger of being forgotten, one more disappointing stud in a sea of not-quite-All-Stars (even though he made one). But Coleman was intergalactic, and his sourness was otherworldly. I hate him, but he scares me.

What To Watch For In The Seton Hall-South Florida Game Tonight - Inside the Loud House

Wear your green tonight, friends. We are all South Florida fans tonight.

Four years since Syracuse’s six overtime game against UConn : News :

Four years ago on March 12, the Syracuse University men’s basketball team defeated the University of Connecticut in the now famous six overtime game in the Big East quarterfinals.

Poliquin: Leo Rautins, oral historian, has been there and done that in the Big East Tournament |

"We all hated each other," Rautins remembered of those Hoyas and Huskies and Panthers and Pirates and Eagles and Redmen and Friars and Wildcats. "We all wanted to kick each other’s butts. There was so much animosity. I mean, you wouldn’t believe the kinds of things we’d say to each other on the court. I’m telling you, the games took on a whole new life."

As Big East Basketball Tournament Fades, a Block Remains Fresh -

"Here we had these two iconic New York figures," Tranghese said. "Pearl to me is still the single most exciting player in the conference. He did things like I’ve never seen from a basketball player. Walter Berry was tremendous. They were on a collision course."

Big East bids farewell to tradition in last conference tournament

"I have nothing against Greensboro like people think I have," Boeheim said. "It's a nice city. I like to go there. But it's not New York. C'mon. Be realistic. I got letters from people in Greensboro saying I was right.

Syracuse men's lacrosse focused on Johns Hopkins during spring break week |

"I'm sure they'd rather be on a beach somewhere," said Desko. "And in years past we've gone to Florida or some place, and when they'd walk into the (Johns) Hopkins locker room they'd be emptying the sand out of their shoes and they're heads are in different places.

Optimistic, pessimistic view of Syracuse basketball's Big East Tournament chances |

With Syracuse heading into the postseason having lost four of its previous five basketball games, Orange fans are pushing the proverbial panic button. Wails of "Syracuse is done!" wage daily existential battle with the Pollyanna "Anything can happen!" faction of the Orange fan base. In the spirit of those campaigns, we are here to offer supplemental evidence for both sides.

Poliquin: Scott Shafer says Syracuse football's biggest problem deals with perception |

"We do have the statistics that back up the fact that we have a major program here. The truth is we have put a few kids in the NFL, and the stats would verify that. But that perception is still out there for some reason. We have to change the way kids think about Syracuse. That’s our big challenge."

Sherman Douglas | Complex

Sherm took over for Pearl Washington as a sophomore in 1986-87 and kept the Orange rolling. Don't talk to him about takedowns.

Conference Realignment: Notre Dame is ACC Bound Next Season; Hopkins Forms Conference Affiliation Committee - College Crosse

Just because it can't be written on the Internet enough: Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Virginia -- all in the same league for one season. (Maryland will depart the ACC for the Big Ten for the 2014-2015 academic year.) There has never been anything like this in college lacrosse, and the likelihood that the ACC will -- even more than it does now -- completely engulf our collective interest is more definite than Bill Tierney expressing his distaste with various officials at decibel levels concomitant with trench warfare.

Syracuse football players accused of burglary make bail, case goes to grand jury : News :

All four suspects were arraigned last Wednesday on $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 bond. In court Monday, the defense attorneys stared that their clients posted bail after arraignment.

Hey, it's Kenny! He talks about important stuff and then Syracuse's loss to Georgetown.