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The One Where Jim Boeheim Head-Butted Mike Tranghese

Amidst the Oral History of the Big East is an anecdote about the time Jim Boeheim was so angry he head-butted the league's associate commissioner.


Dana O'Neil was basically created in order to one day organize an oral history about the Big East Conference. All your favorite (and least favorite folks) got together to discuss how the once-basketball goliath came to be, how it flourished, the magical moments along the way and how it all came crashing down.

Jim Boeheim plays a major role in the oral history and adds his usual acerbic touches to the overall story. However, it's one specific story told by Mike Tranghese that sticks out about our curmudgeony overlord. The time he headbutted

The game ends, Georgetown wins, and it's a great game and I'm going to go over to see Jimmy [Boeheim]. You don't know what to say. He is so enraged about the officiating that he butted me in the head. I cut myself. I just walked away.

A week later, Jim is in the NCAA tournament, and I walk up to him and he says, "Hey, come here. What are you telling Dave [Gavitt] I head-butted you in the head for?" I said, "Jim, you did." He didn't believe me. There's only one person who saw it, thankfully. If the media ever saw it, that would have been the end.

As for Boeheim, his response was "Oh, I don't remember that. It's possible. I wasn't happy. It's possible," which is basically his way of saying "of course I did it."

Go read the whole thing cause it's a great recap.