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Syracuse Football: Status Of Pierce-Brewster & Walls Up In The Air

Scott Shafer wants to let the judicial process play out before making his own judgement on the two SU football players accused of robbery.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

I didn't ask Scott Shafer about Markus Pierce-Brewster's and Davon Walls' arrest when I spoke with him today because I figured he'd give a boilerplate answer and, besides, I knew the reporter folks at would ask.

Shafer told them that he's going to let the judicial process run its course before making any final judgements.

"I wanna do what's best for the team in a quick manner, but as long as it's the right manner," Shafer said Tuesday.

"Give me a little time to figure out what the people in the judicial courts are saying and all that type of thing. At the end of the day I'll make the best decision for the team, for the guys that are worthy of it. I'll make the best decision for the team and the individual comes second. I just need a little bit of time as all those processes are being worked as we speak."

Shafer told me earlier today that "a hardnosed individual is someone who earns their pay every day." Despite his level demeanor today, I don't think he's the kind of person to take robbery lightly.