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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: A Hardnosed Chat With Syracuse Head Coach Scott Shafer

Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer hopped on the TNIAAP to talk about his winding road to Syracuse, what he expects to see during spring ball and whether or not we'll ever see him on Twitter.


If the MPAA rated conversations with Syracuse Orange football head coach Scott Shafer, they would set a baseline of PG-13 due to strong language and graphic violence.

During our 23 minute conversation (he's a busy guy), the first-year head man used "hell" and "ass" more times than I can remember, referred to spring ball as "a civil war" and a way to "beat the hell out of one another" and welcomed Syracuse fans to show up at the Dome this fall to watch his football team cause bodily harm to other football teams.

Some other highlights...

  • How Syracuse's football past shaped the way he saw the program before getting here.
  • How important Jim Brown's legacy is to him.
  • How the heck a QB ends up becoming a defensive coordinator (you can thank Rhode Island).
  • The value of a MAC background for his coaching staff.
  • His favorite wins from his time in the MAC (usually over major programs full of five-star talent).
  • His expectations regarding spring practice & the depth chart.
  • His thoughts on the quarterback position.
  • Will we ever see him on Twitter?
  • Where does "hardnosed" come from and whether or not that's his mantra.


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