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National Signing Day 2013: Deciphering Malik Brown's Syracuse Score

Three-star recruit Malik Brown chose Tennessee over Syracuse due to a curious data collection score. What went into that score and how could Syracuse have scored higher?


Three-star recruit Malik Brown verbally-committed to play for the Syracuse Orange back when Doug Marrone was in charge. When Marrone left, apparently, so did Malik's heart. The DE/LB flipped his commitment and signed with the Tennessee Volunteers on National Signing Day in what he called "a business decision."

Things had been all business from the get-go considering Scott Shafer's intense push to keep Brown included, "a Powerpoint presentation that explained their coaching philosophies and what it means to be a Syracuse football player on and off the field."

In spite of that, it wasn't enough to overcome whatever it is Tennessee had to offer. And the points showed that:

I've done some digging and I've uncovered just how Syracuse scored 202 points and what we could have done to score just 41 more.

Points Scored

Wears Orange: 100 points

Play In A Damn Conference: 30 points

Chipotle Within 5 Miles Of Campus: 20 points

Play In The House Mikhail Marinovich Built: 15 points

DOC Gross backrubs: 15 points

Coach Shafer Brands Initials Into My Arm: 10 points

Chance To Legally Become Fourth Jones Brother: 10 points

Two Minutes In Closet With Otto, No Questions: 2 points

Lost Points

Lost Daily Dose Of Doug Marrone's Thighs: -25 points

Lost Bologna Scraps: -15 points

One-On-One On-Camera Interview Lessons With Roger Springfield: -50 points

Complimentary Calendar With Sexy Photos Of SU Football Staff: -70 points

As you can see, Syracuse could have run away with this one. Ah, what could have been...

Also, does that mean a DOC Gross backrub is available?