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National Signing Day 2013: Cooper's in the House

Raleigh, NC wide receiver Corey Cooper was one of the big 'gets' of the late recruiting season by Syracuse.

The hiring of George McDonald has paid almost immediate dividends, and landing North Carolina wide receiver Corey Cooper was a huge part of that.

Stat Me: Recorded 700 yards and 10 receiving touchdowns in 2011.

Seein' Stars: Scout - 3*, Rivals - 3*, 247 - 3*, ESPN - 3*

Who's Crying?: UConn, ECU, Illinois, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Minnesota, North Carolina, NC State, Oklahoma State, Pitt, South Carolina, Tennessee, Tulsa, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Wazzu, West Virginia

Money Quote: From's John Garcia Jr.

He was being recruited by McDonald at Arkansas, and when he took the job from Syracuse there was interest from Syracuse. So really McDonald has proved to be a big splash early on.

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: George McDonald

Fun Fact: McDonald was recruiting Cooper during his brief stint at Arkansas, so things transitioned pretty seamlessly when he took the job at Syracuse.

Twitter Handle: @_cjCooper1

Corey Cooper Junior Year Highlights (via Curtis Adams Jr.)