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Syracuse Daily Links - Recruit Darius Kelly Plays For Himself & Brother

In one brief second, and with one horrifying crack, the kid who carries his brother's dream felt it shatter at the 4-yard line in the Arizona desert.


Syracuse football signee Darius Kelly plays for himself and his brother |

In one brief second, and with one horrifying crack, the kid who carries his brother's dream felt it shatter at the 4-yard line in the Arizona desert.

Orange Watch: Syracuse won’t find quick Saturday-to-Monday turnaround games in ACC | The Juice Online

Taking a look at ACC leader Miami’s schedule, the minimum space between its conference games is three days, and on average it’s closer to four. The Hurricanes have games every Sat. or Sun. in conference play, including the ACC’s long-running Sunday night package equivalent to the Big East’s ‘Big Monday’, but never such a short turnaround between games and they’re all televised or available online.

Poliquin: Walt Sweeney, of Syracuse football fame, lived a hard life |

Walter Francis Sweeney died on Saturday at the age of 71. Died of pancreatic cancer before I ever did find out if he’d gotten that tilting business settled. Died without a whole lot of notice by a football world that seemed to have had pretty much forgotten about him.

Who is the better quarterback for Syracuse, Zach Allen or Mitch Kimble? |

The Post-Standard broke down game film of each of the two quarterbacks and documents the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Today's Specials: Syracuse looks to avoid three-game losing skid -

Losers of two in a row, Syracuse badly needs to bounce back on Monday to stay in the thick of things in the Big East standings. The Orange are still tied for first, but three losses in a row could drop them as low as sixth or seventh by the weekend. On the other side, Notre Dame has won three in a row, including an overtime victory at DePaul over the weekend. After Monday, the Irish have to host Louisville on Saturday. Getting one win from these two games would be key for the profile.

Grant family bragging rights: Brothers Jerami and Jerian square off Monday in the Carrier Dome |

"Since they were little kids, we always go by seniority," Harvey Grant said. "You may see me clapping a little more for Notre Dame. You may see that." "Now, colors — what to wear, that’s a different subject," Beverly Grant said. "You just want to see both of them play well."

Big East efficiency margins, 2-4-13 - featuring Pitt, Louisville, Villanova, St. John's - Rumble In The Garden

Notre Dame has returned to all-offense, bad defense ways. As in recent years, their defensive struggles are masked by their low-pace, low-possession games. The Irish have the worst per-possession interior defense D in the Big East, allowing 51% on two-pointers. And they have Louisville (twice), Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Marquette's interior scoring to deal with in the rest of the Big East season.

ML recaps Super Bowl XLVII and predicts an Orange win tonight against the Irish.