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Syracuse Announces $17M Football Indoor Practice Facility, Finally

SU Athletics announced Tuesday that they will be moving forward with a $17M indoor facility for the football squad.

This was one of the photos in that old mock-up, but not an official release.
This was one of the photos in that old mock-up, but not an official release.
Update: I didn't watch the video that includes Scott Shafer saying Scott Shafer things. Please do not make the same mistake I did.

Back in April 2012, we wondered if leaked designs were for a new state-of-the-art football facility for Syracuse Orange football.

In February 2013, we got our answer.

Syracuse University will continue designing and begin construction on one of the premiere collegiate athletics indoor practice centers in the nation, Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross announced today.

Fantastic, when will construction start?

Construction is expected to begin later this year.

Will it provide essential and transformational amenities?

The state-of-the-art, $17 million planned center will continue to move Syracuse Athletics forward as New York's College Team, providing essential and transformational amenities needed to compete for championships in the Athletic Coast Conference.

How big is it?

The 87,000 square foot building will provide the football program with an innovative and modern practice environment, enhance recruiting efforts, and help develop the best and brightest student-athletes from across the nation.

Is it just for the football team?

While the football program will be the main tenant of the new center, all Syracuse Athletics programs will have access and use of the center to better develop student-athlete performance and provide a student-athlete experience at Syracuse University second to none.

Where will it be located? The center will be constructed at the site of the Joseph Vielbig Outdoor Track Stadium.

When can we start drinking beers at the construction site?

Construction is expected to begin this year, and as that process gets underway the University is committed to engaging in dialogue with members of the surrounding community as the project moves forward.

Do we have to pay for this?

"We will be seeking generous support of the Orange Nation to help us move this project and others to completion in record time as we gear up for our move to the ACC this fall."

Surely DOC Gross has something to say...

"The timing is perfect for this great project as Coach Shafer takes over the football program coming off a successful bowl-winning campaign, and while we are enjoying the best team success across the board in the history of Syracuse Athletics. Now is the critical time to press forward as we strive to compete for championships in the ACC. This practice center will give our football program, and our other programs, the opportunity to prepare, practice and play amongst the best in the nation, while providing the best possible environment for the development of all of our special student-athletes. Like the Carmelo Anthony Center has helped our men's and women's basketball programs compete at the highest level, this critical new center will continue our football program's momentum, and is absolutely essential in our pursuit of top-level student-athletes and conference championships. As the only BCS representative in the Empire State of New York, the center will continue our mission to restore Syracuse football to its rightful place."

What now, Boston College?