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10 Thoughts On Syracuse's 2013 Football Schedule

The 2013 Syracuse Orange football schedule is out. Let's overanalyze!

I leave for five days and the basketball team falls off a cliff. Can I trust you guys to do anything?

The good news (I guess) is that we got a nice little distraction in the form of the 2013 football schedule. Let's overanalyze this thing that means nothing until we know what kind of football team we have.

1. Once again we get a four-game block to start the season. I don't think I'm out of line to say, no matter what Syracuse Orange team steps on the field this season, we expect to be, at worst, 2-2 by the time it's over.

2. The Wagner game. I really hope those reports that it's going to count towards bowl eligibilty are true. Otherwise, it's a gigantic gaffe. Of all the times in Syracuse football history to throw away a sure-win, this is not one of them.

3. SU can call the Penn State game a home game all they like, it's not. Especially with Penn State involved. So I'm glad they were still able to put six games in the Dome. Wagner, Tulane, Clemson, Wake, Pitt & BC is a decent season ticket package. Not amazing, but, solid enough.

4. Speaking of Clemson... Clearly, the ACC has some kind of theory at works here. They made our first ACC game against the Tigers and Pitt's first ACC game against Florida State. I guess they wanted to make these games as TV-worthy as possible. Great for them, scary for us.

5. Definitly a tough October even if only one of the teams is a top-tier opponent. Assuming we go into the month 2-2, we'll know a lot by the time we get to that second bye week.

6. By the way, love seeing actual good bye week usage by the ACC. Who knew you didn't have to play eight-straight games to end a season?

7. As for November, take away the Florida State game and I'm not that scared. We know nothing about these teams but, historically, we can step on the field with Wake, Maryland, Pitt and BC and hold our own. I have no problem setting a 3-2 bar on November, which means we'd need to win a game in October to go bowling. Gonna be close.

8. No non-Saturday games at the moment but don't assume the door is closed on that. TV networks are going to dictate some changes and I could see one or two of those games moving to Friday night. Wasn't the BC game supposed to be a Friday nighter? Still, good work in general by the ACC on the season-ender.

9. In terms of recruiting, you've got road games in NJ, Chicago, Raliegh, Atlanta, Baltimore(ish) and Tallahasee. The NJ, NC, GA and FL trips feel like the ones we'll get the most out of, though the Chicago trip might help with all those MAC-country recruits we're eyeing.

10. On paper, we're looking at six, maybe seven nationally-televised games. More if we put together a solid start. I'm not worried about the chance to see SU at the local tavern this year. As for what they do once they're on the TV...still worried.

Bonus. It's still weird seeing an ACC schedule though, isn't it?