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2013 Syracuse Football Schedule: Does Wagner Complete the Orange's Slate? (Slight Update)

Syracuse fans have been wondering about the Orange's final 2013 football opponent for a few months now; the mystery may end today


Per the vaunted @FBSchedules, there's a strong rumor that Syracuse has finally filled out its 2013 football schedule. The missing fourth non-conference opponent, which had become a slight point of contention amongst the Orange's new ACC brethren, now appears to be Staten Island's Wagner College, though nothing has been made official by Syracuse University athletics just yet.

If it's true, Syracuse would face off with Wagner at the Carrier Dome on September 14. It would also mean that the full ACC schedule can't be too far behind. Between our efforts to fill the non-conference void, and Pitt and Florida State's own efforts to shift their game to Labor Day weekend, the league slate has become comically delayed. This, however, would put an end to all the waiting, while also giving the Orange their seventh "home" game (sixth at the Dome).

Some additional background on Wagner: the Seahawks play in the FCS' Northeast Conference and won the league in 2012, tallying an 9-4 mark overall. As you'll recall, we thrashed their basketball team, 88-57 up in the Dome back in November. By all indications, Syracuse and Wagner have never faced off on the football field, though.

We'll be sure to update this story once all becomes official.

Slight Update (2/22): As mentioned in the comments, there's a strong likelihood that a win against Wagner won't count toward bowl eligibility, as the NEC only hands out 40 scholarships. The minimum for an FCS game to count is 57, so if the NCAA upholds its typical rules, Syracuse must go 6-5 the rest of the way in order to make a bowl.

Again, Wagner's not confirmed, but if this ends up being the case -- especially with Western Kentucky and maybe Villanova on the board, too -- it's a huge gaffe by the powers-that-be. As we all remember, we were also in a "7-5 or bust" situation back in 2010.

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