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Semi-Live Report from Boeheimburg: The Campout For Georgetown Begins

I decided to take a visit to Boeheimburg Tuesday night after they set camp for the Georgetown game. I came away with great video and a slight cold. Here's the video footage with some vintage Rob Murphy sprinkled in.


I can't speak for everyone else here, but a big factor in my college decision was picking a school with strong D-1 athletics. Syracuse has tremendous and hard nosed fan traditions and perhaps none is as fun as the campouts for big games.

The Daily Orange has a great write up about some of the fun going on in Boeheimburg, including the first camper who is a lucky kid with a twin brother at Georgetown.

Patrick Duffy, a sophomore finance major, was the first to arrive outside Gate E at the Dome to camp out for a close seat at the game. He set up his tent at about 10:30 p.m. Monday.Duffy, who camped out for the game last year as well, said he has a twin brother who goes to Georgetown.The game is a big rivalry within his family, he said, and the potential for a sellout didn't influence his decision to camp out early. "I still would've camped out regardless, but it makes it even more exciting," Duffy said.

After hearing all about this, I figured I should head on down to tent city and see what was going on. Here's the video!