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Syracuse Daily Links - C.J. Fair Honored By Josh Pace Comparison

“I think he’s a better version of me, actually, well, in terms of physically and athleticism." - Josh Pace


CJ Fair ‘honored’ by former Syracuse player Josh Pace’s comments | The Juice Online

"I’ve been asked this a lot, actually, the last couple years," Pace said on The Juice on the Cuse podcast last week. "I think he’s a better version of me, actually, well, in terms of physically and athleticism. [...] We do definitely have a lot of [the same] characteristics but I do think he’s a better version of me. And that’s speaking for myself."

Syracuse comes away from Mercyhurst losses learning season-long lessons, retooling for final weekend, CHA tourney | The Daily Orange

"It’s like Groundhog Day," head coach Paul Flanagan said, "Every time I turn around we’re losing to Mercyhurst."

Get your battle-ready Otto the Orange T-shirt |

Proceeds from "Military Otto" T-shirt sales will benefit the work of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at SU, which supports veterans and military families, especially through business entrepreneurship training.

Poliquin: Perhaps the talents of Syracuse football's Ashton Broyld only need time to marinate |

Back in the glorious day, Orson Welles used to hawk bottles of a certain nectar by invoking this catchphrase: "We will sell no wine before its time." It just might be that some of us tried to sell Ashton Broyld, who potentially has as many as 42 college games ahead of him, before his time.

Poliquin: Mike Hopkins, the Syracuse basketball assistant, discusses the fine art of pump fakes |

"When it comes to pump fakes and stuff, you can do drills all day long. We do up-and-unders and ball fakes and fake-right-and-go-lefts. We do all those things. Believe me, we teach it and we work on it every day. But it’s like a shooter. In practice he can go 10-for-10 and then 10-for-10 and then 10-for-10. And then he gets in the game, and he goes two-for-seven.

Former Syracuse receiver Alec Lemon makes final preparations for NFL Scouting Combine |

"I’ve been recovering these past couple days to get my legs back for the combine," Lemon said. "Just really honing in on the film work that we’ve done in the past and really critiquing fixing our mistakes with the little details to make sure we put up the numbers that we want."

Trap game? Syracuse basketball can't overlook Providence (Brent Axe Podcast) |

Yep, Syracuse has some business to attend to before the epic showdown with the Hoyas on Saturday. But as today's "Axecast" examines, don't think Providence is an appetizer before the main course. The Friars are red hot and Syracuse would be wise to not overlook them.

Rakeem Christmas needs to step up and the early take on Syracuse Lacrosse (Brent Axe Podcast) |

Guard play gets you the through the NCAA Tournament, right? That may be true. But I think if the Syracuse basketball team expects a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, as wide open and unpredictable as the field may be, they need the inside play of Rakeem Christmas and Baye Moussa Keita to improve.

John Thompson III wants the Syracuse-Georgetown rivalry to continue |

"Obviously, the rivalry is special. It’s one of the most special ones in college basketball. The fact that they are changing conferences is going to be different. But I still anticipate us playing although it hasn’t been hammered out for next year or for the immediate (future). But I don’t think that it’s something that’s going to necessarily go away."

Don't forget about Deon Goggins...