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2013 NFL Draft: Ryan Nassib Hangin' With Jon Gruden

Ryan Nassib hangs out with Jon Gruden as the 2013 NFL Combine approaches.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Even after all these years and having seen his transformation first-hand, I still find the whole "Ryan Nassib could go in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft" thing a little surreal. Probably the same way you feel about your younger sibling when they become super-important at their job. "But I used to bodyslam her on a daily basis..."

And yet, here we are. Nassib will continue his trek to the NFL by taking part in one of the newest NFL Draft traditions...hanging out with Jon Gruden.

Nassib will be on the show along with USC's Matt Barkley, Tennessee's Tyler Bray, N.C. State's Mike Glennon, West Virginia's Geno Smith and others. Also taking part will be some guy named Manti Te'o, whom you may have heard of.

Meanwhile, the NFL Combine will begin this Thursday and Nassib will be joined by Justin Pugh, Sir Alec Lemon and Shamarko Thomas as they all show off their business for NFL big wigs. Both Nassib and Pugh have made Mike Mayock's Top 5 By Position charts with Nassib at No. 4 and Pugh tied for No. 5.

Unfortunately over at, they expect Pugh to struggle at the combine:

Pugh is an intriguing talent. His problem, however, is that he projects to a guard spot in the NFL after playing tackle at Syracuse. Already, he measured in with arms shorter than NFL teams like from interior linemen. And he likely won’t put up bench numbers like Warmack or Cooper, which will only serve to highlight the gap between Pugh and those upper-echelon guards.

We'll find out.