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Revenge Is A McDonald's Happy Meal Best Served Cold

Syracuse recruit Tyler Ennis felt snubbed when he wasn't selected for the McDonald's All-American Game. So he went out and scored fifty points.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Forget Chipotle, I want Syracuse Orange players eating McDonald's before every game starting next season.

All of them except Tyler Ennis. Because whenever Tyler sees the Micky D's bag, he'll be reminded that they snubbed him for the McDonald's All-American Game and he'll score fifty points.

Hours after learning he had not been selected for the McDonald's All-American Game, Tyler Ennis erupted for a career-high 53 points as St. Benedict's defeated Eastern, 116-65, in the Scholastic Play by Play Classic in Burlington Township.

In case you weren't clear that Ennis was pissed off about the snub, here's his coach:

"He was snubbed," Taylor said. "His teammates decided they were going to show that he belonged in the game. They were going to help him get 50."

Ennis' 53 points was the most in the 14-year history of the Scholastic Play by Play series of showcase games. The old mark was 50 by Camden's Dajuan Wagner in 2001.

Tyler, bubbe,'re going to do some great things in your life. You'll get over this. And feel free to win a National Title at Syracuse as a way of proving that. We're fine with this.