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Jim Boeheim vs. Andy Katz: Fin

Both sides tell their stories of how we got here and, it seems, the story comes to a conclusion.


You had to figure that a randomly-placed "idiot" and "disloyal" wasn't going to cut it after last night's Jim Boeheim vs. Andy Katz Smackdown main event. Today, both parties came clean about what apparently transpired to lead up to that event.

First up, let's go to Boeheim (via

"It’s really simple," he explained. "I went to New York last year to play in the (NIT Pre-Season Tip-Off) Tournament in November and he (Katz) asked if he could interview me about the tournament. And I said, ‘Yeah, but I can’t talk about the (Bernie Fine) investigation.’

"We got in the room and he put me on camera — there were several witnesses there — and he asked me what I’d told him I couldn’t answer. I kept telling him, ‘I can’t answer that.’ And he asked me, like, 10 times on camera. He never took the camera off me.

"Two or three people in the room were so disgusted they walked out of the room. The producer came over and apologized afterward. And I told Katz right then and there, ‘Don’t talk to me. Do not try to talk to me again.’

In the spirit of fairness, let's get Katz's side (via

"I've not seen Jim since that Florida game,'' Katz said. "I've made multiple attempts to get him on various shows. I called him when Notre Dame announced they were leaving the Big East because he's Mr. Big East and he hung up on me.

"He said 'Andy, you know I'm not talking to you' and hung up.''

Katz also confirmed that he did get his info about James Southerland's term paper from Southie himself before the game, even though that wasn't the specific issue at-hand.

Katz also told Mike Waters that from his end, "there was no deal" between him and Boeheim in regards to the aforementioned interview.

In the end, Boeheim told Waters that "I probably shouldn't have called him an idiot.That slipped out. Sometimes that happens after games." Thus, the situation comes to an end.

My favorite part of the whole situation?

Told that the Twitter universe and the blogosphere was awash with comments, pro and con, regarding his post-game answer to a question posed by ESPN's Andy Katz, Boeheim offered a one-word retort:


Then, after a slight pause, he offered: "That’s my response."

So Boeheim.