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Syracuse Daily Links - Orange vs. Huskies Will Happen Again

Wednesday night will not be the last time that Syracuse and Connecticut play each other in the regular season. A renewed, out-of-conference series is coming.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

UConn-Syracuse rivalry changing, not ending -

Wednesday night will not be the last time that Syracuse and Connecticut play each other in the regular season. A renewed, out-of-conference series is coming. I don't know when the rivalry will resume, but no one on either side is deflecting the possibility that an arrangement can be worked out in time. A fairly blind guess would be some time in the next two to four years before things pick up again.

SU men's lacrosse attack and midfield forming together |

Losing Galasso left its mark. But where there is loss, there is also gain. Galasso's absence makes room for some interesting changes and the chance for others to step into a new role.

Syracuse football recruiting: It's all about speed with PJ Batten |

"He’s not your typical 6-5, 6-6 big ol' Wisconsin-type tight end," said Mike Sonneborn, Batten's football coach at Dade Christian. "Syracuse went with guys that are going to stretch the field, be more pass catchers. It kind of seems to be the way a lot of schools are going these days."

Poliquin: Welcome to the latest edition of 'The Bud & Brent Show' |

Bud Poliquin and Brent Axe return to the Ale 'N' Angus pub in downtown Syracuse to discuss the Syracuse-UConn rivalry. Should it continue when Syracuse leaves the Big East? Bud and Brent also talk about C.J. Fair's consistency, how Scott Shafer is winning SU Football over every time he takes a podium, and a mystery question.

Syracuse women's lacrosse 2013 season preview: Itching for No. 1 |

"Last season was last season," said Tumolo. "Sure it still crosses our minds and we want to make up for that, so I guess in a way we will use it heading in (to this year). But we have to still take it one game at a time, especially knowing there is a target on our backs.

Why did C.J. Fair sit out the stretch of that loss to UConn? He blamed his poor rebounding. |

"We didn’t rebound well," he said in the SU locker room afterwards. "Coach just decided to take me out. I wasn’t rebounding the ball well, personally, so he took me out because of that."

ESPN's Andy Katz responds to Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim's insult |

"I've not seen Jim since that Florida game,'' Katz said. "I've made multiple attempts to get him on various shows. I called him when Notre Dame announced they were leaving the Big East because he's Mr. Big East and he hung up on me. "He said 'Andy, you know I'm not talking to you' and hung up.''

Judge tosses one claim in Laurie Fine's libel suit against ESPN |

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn granted a request from the sports television network to dismiss one of Laurie Fine's six claims. Kahn agreed with ESPN's argument that its reporting in that claim was fair, accurate and privileged because it came from an affidavit filed in court by Bobby Davis, who accused Bernie Fine of molesting him when Davis was an SU ball boy.

Syracuse University Athletics - Penney Honored as SU's BIG EAST Scholar-Athlete

Syracuse track and field and cross country standout Lauren Penney has been named the Syracuse BIG EAST Female Scholar-Athlete, sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters, by the conference's Academic Affairs Committee. As the Orange female representative, Penney will receive $2,000 toward graduate studies.

Andy Katz provided the perfect smokescreen for Jim Boeheim, the feud that is just misdirection

Andy provided the ball coach the misdirection the coach needed on Wednesday and I don’t think that you needed to.

Following Syracuse's 66-58 loss at Connecticut in the final meeting between the two in the Big East, Jim Boeheim refused to answer ESPN reporter Andy Katz's question about the schools' rivalry.

There's really only one class at Syracuse University you'd expect the Harlem Shake from: #RotoloClass.