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Syracuse's Jim Boeheim Rips ESPN's Andy Katz After Loss To UConn (Video)

In his post-game press conference Wednesday night, after Syracuse's frustrating 66-58 loss at UConn, head coach Jim Boeheim had some unkindly words to say to ESPN's Andy Katz.

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Wednesday night's 66-58 loss to the Connecticut Huskies was frustrating to say the least. However, while you were kicking your dog or polishing off a 12 pack to take the edge off, Jim Boeheim was taking out his frustrations on ESPN sideline reporters, specifically Andy Katz.

Via David Borges of The New Haven Register. (Kudos to WAER, which worked quickly to post the first audio of the exchange.)

After getting ripped a new one, Katz reportedly responded like this:

For those curious of why Boeheim might of went off on Katz, well, as of right now we can only speculate that it had to do with the sideline report he did early in the first half about the ineligibility status of senior forward James Southerland.

I can't remember the exact wording that Katz used, however, I do know the details of the report involved the ESPN reporter saying Southerland's case had to do with an investigation involving just two paragraphs in a term paper.

Those two paragraphs were why Southerland had to sit out six games and needed to have his appeal upheld to return to action.

From what I can recall, it sounded like Katz directly spoke to Southerland about the case or talked with someone who had a lot of details about it.

Overall, Katz's 15-second report had more detailed information in it than any report of the last month or so. And for those of us that have been following this story, including's Brent Axe, when Katz revealed those details we all went: "how did he obtain this information?"

My guess is that Katz shared information that A) wasn't suppose to be shared; or B) there was a miscommunication about it being on or off the record.

Again, this is complete speculation (and as you can see from the comments below, Boeheim has a lot of reason to dislike Katz).

Whatever it is Boeheim is pissed and this gives us all something to talk about besides the frustrating loss.


I do love that after ripping Katz, Boeheim just goes back to answering question like nothing happened.