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Syracuse Daily Links - End Of An Era

A series that grew out of almost nothing to become one of the nation’s best college basketball rivalries will come to an end this evening.

Jim McIsaac

Journal Inquirer > Sports > End of the line

A series that grew out of almost nothing to become one of the nation’s best college basketball rivalries will come to an end this evening.

The James Gang

This is the Syracuse University men’s basketball team with James Southerland: 16-1 and 79.3 points per game. And this is the Orange without Southerland: 4-2 and 64.7 points per game. Welcome back, James.

Syracuse zone key in finale vs. UConn - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Southerland’s absence had a large effect on Michael Carter-Williams. He leads the country with 8.5 assists per game, but he was averaging nearly four fewer per game without Southerland.

Sympathy for the Devil: Reflections on UConn's last game with Syracuse - The UConn Blog

You know who Syracuse is? Syracuse is Harry Ellis, and even if you don't know who Harry Ellis is, you know of him. Harry Ellis is the douchebag second-tier corporate villain in all your favorite movies. Harry Ellis is never actually the one in charge, but he acts like he is. Harry Ellis dresses nice, Harry Ellis makes money, but Harry Ellis never wins, and Harry Ellis is infuriating, right up until the point that Hans Gruber shoots him in the face:

Moving Day: Syracuse - ACC Blog - ESPN

What I think is interesting about Syracuse is the way this team likes to play football. Physical, smashmouth style. Shafer reiterated the word "hard-nosed" to describe his style multiple times during his introductory news conference. There are not many programs in the ACC that play that way, given the spread of the ... spread and all the offense we saw in the league last year.

Boys Commitments: Elite decisions | Club Soccer News | Youth Soccer News

Midfielder Daniel Apajee (New England Revolution Academy) committed to Syracuse for the class of 2014.

Let's play Risk: A strategic guide to future conference expansion - Mountain West Connection

Vizzini remembered two of the classic blunders: "Never get involved in a land war in Asia" and "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line." He actually forgot a third: "Never use Conference Expansion like a Risk Board." Chris Hondros forgot the third as well...

Michael Carter-Williams should jump to the NBA Draft (Brent Axe Podcast) |

Today's "Axecast" points at MCW and how I think no matter what happens the rest of the season, he should jump to the draft. Especially after what happened to Noel last night.

"Manley Field House is offically closed'' (This Date in Syracuse/Big East History) |

"Manley Field House is officially closed.’’ With those words a rival began.

Syracuse men's lacrosse continues tradition of strong defense |

"When you throw a lacrosse ball into the forest, into a bunch of dense trees, it's going to hit something," said captain Brian Megill. "So it reminds us to deflect passes, sticks up, intercept, all of that."

Syracuse Women's Lacrosse No. 1/2 and filled with NY, local talent (Video)

The goal is a national title. "Yeah, I think anything less would be a disappointment," Syracuse women’s lacrosse head coach Gary Gait said at the Orange’s Media Day at the Carrier Dome on Wednesday.

NFL Combine 2013: Ryan Nassib will 'do everything' in Indy -

Syracuse Orange quarterback Ryan Nassib is aiming to pump up his draft stock. On Wednesday, Nassib announced that he'll participate in all of the various drills at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, per Pro Football Talk.

Twas only a matter of time: