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Syracuse Daily Links - Corey Cooper Avoids The Spotlight

"He doesn't follow the example of what other kids are doing. He doesn't really care if they're out going to parties or whatever. That's just not him."


Syracuse's top football recruit Corey Cooper: A supreme talent who avoids the spotlight |

"He's funny because he really is kind of a — I don't want to say loner because he has friends — but he's fine being by himself," said Clarence Inscore, Corey's high school football coach. "He doesn't follow the example of what other kids are doing. He doesn't really care if they're out going to parties or whatever. That's just not him."

Go Home, Golden Eagle. You're Drunk. - Anonymous Eagle

The junk food I can accept. But the Facebook stalking? Nuh-uh. This is getting troubling. At least The Eagle has the common decency to do the Facebook stalking on his own time, as opposed to other mascots that use company time to check on mascots that are clearly in committed relationships.

A Few ‘Cuse Bros Would Like to Show You How They Weathered the Storm, -

Over the weekend, we asked all the Bros out there in the Northeast to show us how they were weathering the blizzard. Afterwards, a few readers sent us some pretty awesome pics.

Poliquin: Here's a reader with a question for Jim Boeheim, the Syracuse University basketball coach |

"I didn’t know that anything happened to the bounce pass. Is it dead? Did it pass away? This is not a question I’d necessarily expect."

Syracuse vs Connecticut: A rivalry comes to a close (Brent Axe Podcast) |

Today's "Axecast" is on that very subject. While I will miss Syracuse facing off with Connecticut , maybe it is time we let this one go when Syracuse moves on to the ACC.

Former Syracuse basketball star Carmelo Anthony visits 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' |

'Melo also strolled down memory lane with Fallon on the upcoming 10th anniversary of Syracuse's national championship in 2003 (10 years already!) and his upcoming jersey retirement at the Carrier Dome during the Syracuse-Georgetown game on February 23.

Poliquin: Syracuse basketball's C.J. Fair has been C.J. Great so far this season |

You want consistency, steadiness, a noon whistle in a headband? Fine. He wears No. 5 for the Syracuse University Orange, for which he’s played 92 career games and won 78 of them, including 30 of his last 33 in the Big East Conference.

Bobby Wardwell likely to be SU lacrosse's starter in net |

"I think they are both playing great," Desko said of Wardwell and Lamolinara. "And I think that competition for the starting job is going to continue. But right now, Bobby's played very consistent for us and as it looks right now, Bobby would start and Dom would back him up."

Men's College Basketball Hot Button Topic of the week - Men's College Basketball - ESPN

It's not surprising that a New Jersey girl who grew up in the footprint of the Big East is most upset to see the Syracuse-Georgetown slugfest come to an end when the Orange jump to the ACC and the Hoyas move on with their Catholic 7 brethren.

10 Reasons Why We'll Miss the Syracuse vs. UConn Rivalry | Bleacher Report

Syracuse is set to depart the Big East and join the ACC after this season, closing the chapter on one of the country's premier conference rivalries. As the squads prepare to meet one final time as Big East foes, let's take a look at what makes this matchup so special.

College basketball's top 10 most hated players ever

The Big Lead named Devendorf the most hated player in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. His response? "I know everybody thinks I’m an a**hole" – with a smile on his face.

Illinois Football Recruiting: Syracuse Offers Matt Domer - Writing Illini - An Illinois Fighting Illini Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

2014 running back Matt Domer received an offer from the Syracuse Orange on February 9th. This brings his total number of offers to three.

Syracuse women's basketball head coach Quentin Hillsman and seniors Elashier Hall and Kayla Alexander look back at their Feb. 5 win at Cincinnati and preview the No. 24/22 Orange's game at Georgetown on Feb. 12, 2013.