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The Hard-Nosed Infection Of Syracuse Football Has Begun

RB Jerome Smith seems to have bought in to Scott Shafer's hard-nosed-ness.


Scott Shafer likes the word hard-nosed. I think that's clear. But Shafer will only be able to turn his Syracuse Orange players into hard-nosed players who play hard-nosed for the hardnosed people of Syracuse if they buy in to the hard-nosed-ness.

It looks like RB Jerome Smith has bought in.

Offensively, we’re a tough team, physical. Defensively, they’re hard-nosed. They’re going to come every play. All around as a team, we’re a focused team. Hard-nosed as a team, a whole unit. We’re all starting to focus in on getting ready, everyone getting ready for the season, and focusing on spring ball and those types of things. I just want people to know we’re going to be a really focused team, really hard-nosed.


The excerpt comes from a quick interview that Smith did with ESPN's ACC blogger Heather Dinich and it's a fun, little read. Jerome sounds just about ready to send it in.

H/T: David