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Podcast No. 25 - 'On The NunesCast' With Brent Axe's community sports engagement specialist, or better known as the former host of WSKO's drive-time show "On The Block," Brent Axe talked about his career move from radio to the online blogging world and what's going on with SU athletics.

Nate Shron

For over a decade there was one true voice of the Central New York sports fan, Brent Axe, who Monday spoke to yours truly in a two-hour Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast that covers a vast number of topics.

Here's a bit of a preview of what we talked about, just a few months after Axe left WSKO's midday show, "On The Block," and now in his new role as's community sports engagement specialist.

  • What it is like transitioning from radio to and why he chose to make the decision.
  • The reality of being a sports talk radio host and the tough business behind it.
  • Syracuse football and the Buffalo Bills: His take on his two biggest loves coming together and if it will work.
  • Axe's surprising (or not) take on whether or not he believes Ryan Nassib will be a good NFL quarterback.
  • The new Scott Shafer era
  • The story about a high-ranking SU official chewing him out about a recent article he wrote.
  • What it is like dealing with Syracuse University personnel about stories.
  • What it was like being on the radio and covering hot-topic issues like: Bernie Fine, Fab Melo and James Southerland.
  • Is this the last we've heard from the Southerland academic situation?
  • With Southerland back, is this team good enough to make a Final Four run?
  • How good is C.J. Fair?
  • His take on when Jim Boeheim will call it quits and what he will do after coaching.

The podcast is 2 hours, 9 minutes long, so plan accordingly. If you're an inspiring sports broadcaster the first half is a nice listen, while Axe's take on the Orange football and basketball teams come more in the second hour.