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Marquette Has The Sadz About Our Last Conference Game

Syracuse and Marquette will play for the final time as Big East foes on February 25th and Marquette is all bummed out about it.


Of all the non-football playing Big East Conference schools, I think I'll miss Villanova and Marquette most. The first one makes sense but the second one is a bit of surprise even to myself. I mean, we've only been conference-mates since 2005 and our all-time series is a scant 12 games.

I feel like we've made the most of those conference games, though. Especially in the last couple years. There was the infamous National Marquette Day game that sparked a lot of hate and earned me more than a few emails. And of course, the NCAA Tournament game from a couple years ago took the rivalry up a notch.

So I can understand why the Marquette Golden Eagles might be a little bummed out that these newfound rivalries are ending just as soon as they were getting good (BTW, they've really got a thing for Boyz II Men over there).

All I can really say is, we've got at least one more in us, guys. If our Big East rivalry is going to die, there's no better place to kill it than the Big East mecca of Wisconsin.

H/T: Anonymous Eagle