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Latest Hoops Rankings: Syracuse 2nd in AP, 3rd in Coaches Poll

The latest college basketball rankings are out, and Syracuse still isn't No. 1. #AddThemToTheList

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I kid above, of course, but at this point, Syracuse does have a legitimate claim to both poll's top spots, respectively. Following a week in which the Orange easily dispatched Indiana and Binghamton, the team moved up to No. 2 in the AP Poll and No. 3 in the Coaches Poll. In the AP Poll, the only team ahead of us is Arizona (by 101 points). Over on the coaches' side, they're not as convinced, though the No. 3-ranked 9-0 Orange are just 51 points back of the top spot there.

The AP Voter(s) You Arbitrarily Love This Week: The Roanoke Times' Mark Berman and WDRB-TV (Louisville)'s Rick Bozich, who both handed Syracuse a No. 1 vote.

The AP Voter(s) You Arbitrarily Hate This Week: A collection of three misguided souls, all of whom ranked the Orange ninth overall, somehow. They are Ron Morris (surprise!), the Detroit Free-Press's Joe Rexrode and the Charleston WV Daily Mail's Chuck McGill. How do we impress you people? Did we have to beat the Hoosiers by 50? Because we could have.


In case you're wondering about our conference-mates, Duke was 7th in the AP, 8th in the Coaches. North Carolina was 18th in the AP and 21st in the Coaches. Despite their undefeated start, the Pitt Panthers were on the outside looking in on both polls. Virginia also grabbed a few votes in the Coaches poll.

While Georgetown didn't receive any inexplicable votes this time around, Indiana actually did for both polls (15 in Coaches and three in the AP). Apparently, getting eviscerated by SU doesn't mean anything to Jon Wilner and Andrew Greif, who had the Hoosiers at 24th and 25th on their respective ballots.


Do we deserve to be No. 1 at this point? Or is it better to wait it out a bit longer with this squad? Share your thoughts below.