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2013 Texas Bowl: Get Your TNIAAM Tickets Now

Before you buy Texas Bowl tix willy-nilly, make sure you do it right.


So now that we know the Syracuse Orange will be talking on the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the 2013 Texas Bowl, the next question is, where do we get tickets? The question after that is, how do I get tickets with my TNIAAM brotherhood and sisterhood?

Easy, slugger. We'll get there.

First, some general ticket info.

SU Athletics has a block of tickets for Syracuse fans that range from $30 to $115. SU has been allotted over 4K tickets according to DOC.

If you need full accommodations like hotels and cars and whatnot, here's your link for that.

Now, if you want to sit in an area that will put you in among other crazy fans from and TNIAAM, you'll want to go here:

LinkClick here


By using that link and code, you'll be sure to sit alongside your fellow Orange fans to cheer on SU's eventual victory.