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Syracuse Football Bowlgasm 2013: Pinstripe Seems Unlikely, Perhaps Something Warmer

A basketball conflict might eliminate SU from Pinstripe consideration even if Notre Dame goes elsewhere.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange are 6-6 and as such are entitled to a piece of the college football bowl pie. But there are concerns and horror stories about SU getting left out in the cold (rather than playing in the cold of a crappy bowl game). We're keeping track of developments until the whole damn thing is sorted out.

Okay, so what do we know?

DOC Gross says that Syracuse is basically choosing from six bowls. He didn't say which six but we can guesstimate that they are the Heart of Dallas Bowl, Little Caesar's Bowl, Military Bowl, AdvoCare V100 Bowl, Music City Bowl and Pinstripe Bowl. There's also the Poinsettia and Beef O'Brady to consider if things shake out one way or another.

We already know that BC is trying to make a play for the Heart of Dallas Bowl, which would make SU more attractive to the ACC-tied bowls (Military, AdvoCare V100, Music City).

We've been hearing about how Notre Dame is basically a lock for the Pinstripe but there's an interesting note in this Chicago Sun-Times article about how some of the players would prefer something a bit sunnier.

Where would Jones, one of the team captains, like to go?

"Definitely not to play somewhere where it is snowing," Jones said.

Senior left tackle Zack Martin, another captain, echoed that sentiment.

"Like most people, don’t want to play in the snow," Martin said. "But if we play there, we’ll be happy for it."

Uh, Notre Dame, if you want to take Shreveport, we'll take New York City. No problem.

However, one big issue for the Pinstripe Bowl? Syracuse's basketball team has a game in the Dome against Villanova that same day, at almost the same time (12:15 vs. 2:00). Do bowl organizers want a fanbase with divided attendance and TV-watching loyalties? Probably not.

There's been a lot of talk recently about Syracuse's strength in terms of East Coast markets, at least compared to schools like Washington State, Oregon State and even Pitt. Given that info, it should make you feel better about how we match up if it comes down to the wire.

In this moment, I feel like Syracuse gets a bowl invite and it's looking more more and like the Military or AdvoCare V100 does the inviting. But…still a ways to go.