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Syracuse Football Bowl Projections: BC Hearts Heart Of Dallas

The Heart of Dallas Bowl has been a popular pick for SU. But now BC wants that heart for themselves...

Ronald Martinez

Every day that passes without any news about which bowl game, if any, the 6-6 Syracuse Orange football team will play in is a day in which our fears grow stronger and concerns gain steam.

In the projections in which Syracuse does show up, it seems as though the consensus has been that SU will end up in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. That's because the ACC only has so many bowl tie-ins to go around and by the time everyone gets to Syracuse and Pitt, we have to fill in the blanks.

The Boston College Eagles, however, are apparently enamored with the idea of playing in Texas, and they've been taking it upon themselves to actively try and lock up that spot over an ACC bowl.

The most obvious reason is that the chance to play in a major TV market in the Cotton Bowl stadium rather than playing in the Shreveport-based Independence AdvoCare V100Bowl. BC has a little bit more leverage than us (since head-to-head matters not) as they play the Andre Williams angle.

If that happens, the Independence AdvoCare V100Bowl as well as the Military Bowl turn their lonely eyes to us. Or Pitt.

Of course, this all remains conjecture so try not to get too worked up about it. Just keep rooting against Rutgers...