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2013 Texas Bowl: Syracuse Orange (6-6) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers (8-4) 2nd Half GameThread

Keep it up, SU!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A 7-3 Syracuse Orange lead headed into the second half of the 2013 Texas Bowl? I'll take it.

The Orange were the better team for most of the first half against the Minnesota Golden Gophers but a botched field goal fake and some dubious play-calling late in the half means they're only ahead by four points. The Orange scored on a one-yard Jerome Smith touchdown run (set up by great Terrel Hunt plays). The Gophers got on the scoreboard as time expired with a field goal.

The refs were a little weird, almost not calling a sure-fumble, then not reviewing Smith's touchdown (which was iffy), not to mention a few other strange calls. What else is new, though?

Overall, you take that half you run if you're an Orange fan. Lots of the usual penalties and lots of weird play-calls but overall SU's defense kept Minnesota is relative-check and the offense showed signs of life. They didn't leave all their tricks at home, for sure.

Let's do more of this.

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