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Syracuse vs. Minnesota: It's Texas Bowl Prediction Time

Only a few hours left before the Orange attempt to end their season on a high note. Will they?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After all the talk, training and ticket-purchasing, the Texas Bowl is finally here. The Syracuse Orange want to finish the season with a winning record. Doing so would be back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 2000-2001. It would send a great signal to the fanbase, recruits and ACC that we're not going to be a pushover anymore.

Standing in the way are the Minnesota Golden Gophers, who want to prove they are the better team. Their fanbase seemed disappointed with the draw and the team will look to win easy as proof they should have been someplace better.

So, what's gonna give?

Here's The Bad News: My gut tells me Syracuse loses this game. Nothing I can put my finger on. I just have this honest feeling inside me that the Gophers are just a little better and the Orange used up a lot of good mojo in the Boston College win.

Here's The Good News: Whenever my gut tells me Syracuse is going to lose a game against a non-superior opponent (FSU, Clemson), they win. I was pretty sure they were going to lose to NC State. I had a feeling they'd lose to Maryland. And I predicted they'd lose to BC. They won all those games. Clearly, I'm the problem.

So when I go with Minnesota 21 - Syracuse 16, know that I am gladly doing so with the hope that I am wrong. Though, know that I know I'm always wrong, does that mean I'm actually predicting SU will win by predicting they'll lose? I feel like I'm stuck on a Philosophy 101 exam question now. Is God real???

How bout you?