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2013 Texas Bowl: Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer Hearts Ron Burgandy

"Ron Burgundy is a guy that I’ve idolized for a lot of years." - Scott Shafer

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not up to speed on what's going on today but I did happen to catch this exchange from Scott Shafer during the Syracuse Orange post-practice interviews as they prepare for the Texas Bowl.

(on who picked the movie they will be watching tonight)
"That’s a great question. I know I picked it. I definitely need to see Anchorman 2. Ron Burgundy is a guy that I’ve idolized for a lot of years and I can’t wait to see this one."

(on if he wants to see Anchorman 2 because he loves dealing with the media)
"Yeah when I look at you guys I say there’s a guy that I know you guys probably have posters up in your rooms of Ron Burgundy and his cast. I just want to jump back into it, and see what that movie’s all about. I love that movie. I haven’t seen this one, but the first one was great. Of course our family is a little messed up, so."

Now, when you run into Scott at Pastabilities, you'll have two things to talk about.