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Syracuse Wins Rodeo Bowl, Now Has 83.333% Chance Of Winning Texas Bowl

Syracuse dominated Minnesota at the Rodeo Bowl, setting the tone for a Texas Bowl victory on Friday.

FACT: Five of the six winners of the Rodeo Bowl have gone on to win the Texas Bowl (or whatever it happened to be called that year).

FACT: Syracuse won the Rodeo Bowl on Monday evening.

FACT: Syracuse is probably going to win the Texas Bowl now.

The Orange started off the event right by winning the Touchdown Dance Competition...

Minnesota struck back in Calf Penning to even things up...

Up next was Mascot Roping, the ultimate test of how in-tune a football team is with their mascot. The Orange cruised to victory, 4-1.

SU followed that up with another win in Chalk Branding, "branding" their calf in 27 seconds, which sounds good? I don't know. It took the Gophers 35 seconds, which, sounds bad?

Stick Horse Racing, which incidentally is how Wyatt Earp actually used to settle all of his differences, went to Syracuse as well…

Minnesota stayed alive in the Calf Ribbon Pull, whatever that is.

With victory in their grasp, the Orange dominated the last event of the night, the Hay Bale Toss. With that, Syracuse rode off into the sunset as pre-victors. Northern Rodeo returns to its rightful place. Now all that's left is the actual winning. And roasting marshmallows...