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Jerian Grant, Not Jerami Grant, To Miss Rest Of Season

Just so we're all clear. The guy named Grant who is academically-ineligible is not our Grant. Cool? Cool.


I hate to remind of you of this but all Syracuse Orange basketball seasons include two panic-inducing moments.

1. The December/January announcement that a player has been suspended for academic issues (See: Southerland, James; Melo, Fab).

2. The March news report that seems to imply the entire program is crumbling down only to ultimately come to nothing and be entirely forgotten (See: Dodd, Dennis; Forde, Pat).

I had just logged on to Twitter on Sunday when I quickly saw the words "Grant," "ineligible," and "basketball" fly past my eyes. I'm not kidding when I say that my heart skipped a beat and I immediately thought, "Is it that time already?"

However, the Grant in question is Jerian Grant, not Jerami Grant. Jerami's brother, who plays for Notre Dame, has left the program over academic issues and will sit out the rest of the season.

He made the highly unusual (and I'm guessing forced) announcement himself via ND Athletics.

It is with regret and sorrow that I inform you that I am no longer enrolled at the University of Notre Dame due to an academic matter that I did not handle properly. As a result, I am no longer part of the basketball program and will not be on the court competing with my teammates for the remainder of the 2013-14 season.

I take full responsibility for my lack of good judgment and the poor decision that I made. I have no one to blame but myself for the situation. I know and understand the expectations that go with being a student at Notre Dame and I did not live up to those standards.

That's a huge blow to Notre Dame's chances this season and it also takes some juice out of the Feb. 3 showdown between the Irish and Orange in the Dome.

Not only that, it means you can expect to hear about this during every Syracuse game now because, I'm mean, what else are you gonna talk about when Jerami Grant scores?