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C.J. Fair Dunked A Basketball Friday Night. It Was A Good Basketball Dunk.

C.J. took things up a notch with his tone-setting second-half dunk against High Point.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the scene.

The Syracuse Orange are in a bit of a frustrating dogfight with the High Point Panthers. Forward Jerami Grant has just been taken off the court with an ankle injury. The Orange are ahead but have yet to unleash any kind of killer instinct. The step on the throat, so to speak.

Enter Cranapple Juicyfruit Fair...

When asked where that came from, C.J. Fair said he definitely put a little bit of emotion into the dunk.

"I don't know what was going through my head," he said, "but I was angry for some reason. I was just in the moment. I just felt as though this game wasn't going the way we wanted it to go. And for me, personally, too."

Fair said he held no animosity for either Brown or Wallace. "Nothing towards the player," he said.

Sometimes the Basketball Gods try to dictate the game and you have to let the Basketball Gods know that you control your own destiny. Fair enough, I say. (GET IT, FAIR ENOUGH? HIS LAST NAME IS FAIR! GENIUS!)