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Let's Get To $44,444.44 For #CuseTixForKids & The Texas Bowl

We need another $4K to get to $44,444.44. Let's do that, okay?

Bob Levey

Remember when we were just trying to raise $12,000 to send some kids to the Texas Bowl? That was cute.

We blew past that as well as the 1,000 kids goal. By the time we started closing in on $40K, we were running out of goals to hit.

With two more days before we lock the damn doors, it's time to institute the final goal for #CuseTixForKids.

Let's raise $44,444.44 and call it a week.

Doing so will put us in the range of sending 1,450 kids to the Texas Bowl. Goodness. Gravy.

Some other news and notes...

1. Along with a voucher for food & drink, the Texas Bowl will also give each kid a free Sonic Slush, ensuring they'll still be energized in the fourth quarter to cheer on the Orange.

2. Here's a look at the t-shirt the kids will be getting...


Simple. Elegant. Syracuse.

3. At the time of writing this Wednesday night, we're at $40,431.36. So we've got two days to raise another $4K or so (I don't math good). How can we do that? Keep spreading the word. That's what got us here in the first place. (Seriously, I get a lot of praise but it's really for the whole community and I hope you guys know that. I wrote the posts, you guys donated and let others know). Keep it up and everything else will take care of itself.