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DOCTOR Gross Is Already Busy Telling the Rest of the ACC What to Do

During a slow afternoon in terms of Syracuse news, we find out that DOCTOR Gross has been tossing his weight around a bit in the ACC.


Syracuse was a founding member of the Big East, and as such, had one of the louder voices at the table when it came to changing things in that conference. Of course, the Catholic schools always got their way anyway, but at least SU was capable of starting real conversations and being heard. Now, in the ACC, we're just part of the crowd. North Carolina, Duke and Virginia largely run things, with Florida State (and to a lesser extent, Clemson) able to hold the conference hostage for football reasons if it so chooses.

This is news to DOCTOR Daryl Gross, who does not believe in "earning his right to speak":

Of course, this has ruffled some feathers with our new frienemies in the ACC. It also makes little sense, since there aren't a ton of "major media markets" in the league, and for the most part, they're split pretty fairly as it is. A look at total populations in the ACC, by city (rankings via Wikipedia):

#21 Boston (Atlantic)

#27 Louisville (Atlantic) *next year

#40 Atlanta (Coastal)

#42 Raleigh (Atlantic)

#44 Miami (Coastal)

#61 Pittsburgh (Coastal)

#83 Durham (Coastal)

#85 Winston-Salem (Atlantic)

#125 Tallahassee (Atlantic)

NR Clemson (Atlantic)

NR Chapel Hill (Coastal)

NR Charlottesville (Coastal)

NR Blacksburg (Coastal)


So while I'm completely on board with ACC divisional realignment (and it seems like the rest of the league's athletic directors are as well), it seems like DOCTOR Gross is getting awfully boisterous in championing its necessity, considering we've only been in the league for five months and change. Also, there's the issue of that list above, that shows we actually play in a good deal of "major media markets" in the Atlantic.

Between this and our persistence in trying to move the ACC Tournament to New York, we're not winning over a whole lot of fans around the conference. But I can't be overly concerned with that. We're not "in charge" of our league anymore, but the only way we get there is to be more vocal. Based on the way things are going in hoops right now, we're already on pace to be the flag-bearer for years to come. However for football, it's going to take some more time to get a seat at the table. If on-field performance is going to stick around six or seven wins, might as well talk louder than everyone else.