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Syracuse Football: DOC Gross Will Have Major Media Market Access, In This Life Or The Next

DOC Gross is reportedly leading the charge to change the ACC football divisions.


You might have heard a couple weeks ago that the ACC is going to reexamine its current divisional structure for football. Now, some details are emerging that one of the loudest voices in the fight to rejigger the conference set-up is Syracuse Orange AD DOCTOR Daryl Gross.

Couple things, for better or worse...

  • Sounds like DOC wouldn't be a fan of the North/South concept for divisions. Instead, he'd probably rather split up teams based on media markets, which is so very Post-Conference Realignment.
  • Wonder what DOC thinks of the BC rivalry. On one hand, he must want to play in Boston as much as possible. On the other hand, he clearly isn't tied to ensuring that the two played every year. That'd be a shame.
  • I get the sense DOC wants to see Syracuse playing Miami a lot more often.
  • Wake Forest, we don't want to visit you.

We'll see how this manifests when the ACC ADs and head honchos meet in the winter meetings.