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#CuseTixForKids At The Texas Bowl Just Keeps On Keeping On

Every time we think we've got a goal in mind, you guys blow past it. This is getting ridiculous...

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Spoke with the Texas Bowl folks and we agreed that given our current total and pace, we're going to set a final goal at $44,444. We might be able to hit that by tomorrow. Anything past $44,444 will be donated to the local charities.

Original: On Monday, the goal was to raise enough money to send 200 kids to the 2013 Texas Bowl.

On Tuesday, the goal became to raise enough money to send 1,000 kids to the 2013 Texas Bowl.

Now? $36,277 later, we've surpassed all of that. We're in the 1,200 kid zone and still climbing. Texas bowl reps continually remind me that we are all good to keep raising money for more and more tickets. So, that's what we're gonna do.

Thanks to you guys, we got tons of coverage yesterday from, D.O., Houston Chronicle, NBC Sports, CBS Sports and Deadspin as well as radio and TV stuff. Also, make sure you check out this handy-dandy Twitter timeline with some major moments and messages.

My guess is that we might cut the donations off at Friday because, well, we'll have accomplished a whole lot by then. Plus, we've got to get the t-shirts ordered so the kids can have them.

FYI, we've also got a few new wrinkles in the works. Some folks at SU are looking into some more goodies they can send out to the kids. And I'm having a very interesting phone conversation this morning that I will update you guys on when I can. I'd say it might take this to eleven but we're already at thirteen, so...

Anyway, keep on donating or sharing or posting or anything else you're able to do.

Alright, How Do I Donate? Click on this PayPal link to make your donation.