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Jim Boeheim Continues To Make Friends In The State Of North Carolina

Boeheim gonna Boeheim...

Nate Shron

ACC, if there's one thing you're going to have to learn about Jim Boeheim, it's that Boeheim Gonna Boeheim.

"We’ve had great success when we’ve stayed in the East and we’ve had great success when we’ve gone outside," Boeheim said. "We got to the Final Four from Denver one year, we got there from Boston and Albany. I mean, that’s a little easier, you’re going to have more fans.

"If you can play in your region, that’s a huge factor. One of the reasons Duke and Carolina went to the Final Four about 25 out of 30 years was because the Regional was in Greensboro or Charlotte or some place every year. They had good teams but they also had the Regional in those locations every year.

"And people say neutral court, but that’s nonsense. If you can go to the Regional in your area it’s going to help you. We got there from New Jersey, we got there from Albany, we got there from Washington, D.C.

"So it’s easier to get there if you’re in your own area, there’s no question about that. But you just gotta play well and see what happens. Control your own destiny a little bit."

I believe the kids call that shots fired.

Of course, like most Boeheim quips, they read worse than they sound. But as we know, EVERYTHING IS SERIOUS. And the local folks in NC had to prove Big City Boeheim wrong.

Instead of Boeheim's "25 out of 30 years" claim, the Blue Devils and Tar Heels have combined to make seven in-state regional appearances. In those cases, they've advanced to six Final Fours, with only three of them happening since 1968.

Personally, I think tournament locations are one of those overblown things that matter much less than people think they do. Once you get into the second weekend, location especially means nothing.

Regardless, I'd advise all Syracuse fans to steer clear of all North Carolina Denny's when the Orange are in town.