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Okay, Let's Just Send #AllTheKids To The Texas Bowl

200 kids? We're way past sending 200 kids to the Texas Bowl to root on the Orange...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I have to be honest, when I pressed submit and posted the Let's Send 200 Kids To The Texas Bowl donation request, I figured we'd probably get close to our goal of raising $12K by Friday, but we might not reach it.

We reached $12,000 by roughly 7pm EST Monday evening.

A lot has changed in the past 24 hours. I wanted to take a moment to catch everyone up where we stands...

How Much Money Have We Raised?: As of Midnight last night, we raised $18,297.23. I lost count of how many people donated. Approving donations was how I spend my entire day, you jerks. Those donations ranged from $5 to $2,000. There were SO many $44 donations. I blacked out at some point. It was nuts.

What Changed During The Day?: Originally, we had been offered tickets for $50 each. When the Texas Bowl saw how well we were doing, they dropped the ticket price to $20. So, as you might imagine, that means we are going to send a LOT more than 200 kids to the Texas Bowl. Without accounting for fees and chaperones and things like that, we're looking at about 500 kids right now. AND IT'S TUESDAY.

What Kind Of Deadlines & Cutoffs Are We Working With? The Texas Bowl doesn't seem to have any kind of limit for how many tickets we can purchase, so until you hear otherwise, assume that we can send 1,000+ kids to this game (assuming we can find 1,000 kids. HOUSTON CHILDREN, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND WE ARE BRINGING HOT DOG VOUCHERS WITH US). We now also have until Monday the 23rd to sell tickets instead of the 20th.

That said, there will be a cut-off for t-shirt ordering before then. Probably Thursday or Friday. So some kinds might not get orange t-shirts. We'll try to order enough but don't hold me to it.

Where The Heck Are These Kids Coming From? We already had the Houston Texans YMCA on hand to send over kids to the game. We now also will be sending kids from The Depelchin Children's Center. The Texans organization is also reaching out to other children's groups to see if they're interested.

We Can't Fit Them All In Sections 135 & 136, Can We? No, we can't. So the Texas Bowl is opening up some more sections for us. They might not be lower-level like those initial ones but they'll be big blocks full of orange-clad kids. So…it's all good.

Are The Band & Otto Involved? Yessir! SUMB will hand out cheer sheets for the kids so they can sing along while Otto stops by and poses for pics.

Are These Tickets Going To Count Towards The SU Allotment? I said they would but I realized today that they might not. Don't freak out, I'm trying to make them count towards our allotment. Miscommunication on my part and I'm doing what I can to make these tickets 100% Syracuse-y. YAIS!

Does Coach Shafer Know? Coach Shafer knows. #Hardnosed.

What's Our New Goal? Honestly? I don't even know anymore. 200 used to seem barely attainable. Now, 1,000 seems possible. So let's do that. Let's raise enough money to send ONE THOUSAND KIDS to the Texas Bowl to root on the Syracuse Orange.

Should I Tell Other People About This? Yes, you goofball. Tweet it. Tumblr it. Facebook it. If Google Plus were still alive, you could put it there, too...

Alright, How Do I Donate? Click on this PayPal link to make your donation. (DONATION PERIOD IS OVER, THANKS!)