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Finish This Sentence: “Scott Shafer Could Get Me Excited To _______"

Scott Shafer is a master frickin' motivator. What boring task could he get you excited to do?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If we were reminded of anything from Scott Shafer's initial press conference at the 2013 Texas Bowl, it was that HCSS knows how to get Syracuse Orange fans giddy.

There was talk of throwing lassos.

There was talk of Josh Kirkland tackling baby cows.

There was a "doggone."

Instead of asses, he referred to them as "buns."

There was general excitement over the bowl game, Syracuse's place in the ACC and the overall enthusiasm one expects from a frickinhard-nosed guy like Shafer.


So naturally, some fans felt motivated in the comments...




Now, it's your turn. What mundane or unthinkable task could Scott Shafer get you excited to do?

Personally, I'm going with...Scott Shafer could get me excited to listen to Christmas music.

"Silent Night? We're gonna lock the Dome doors and make it a deadly night for our opponents. I expect us to come out of that tunnel like a bunch of Rudolph The Hard-Nosed Reindeers and bop Blitzen right on his buns. I want that doggone Parson Brown to feel us coming before we turn him into slush. The weather outside isn't the only thing that's frickin' frightful…"