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5 Great Things In The NY Times Article About Gerry McNamara & Trevor Cooney

The relationship between assistant coach Gerry McNamara and shooting guard Trevor Cooney is profiled.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Cohen may have shuffled himself off from and moved on to the Memphis Commercial Appeal to talk about things other than Syracuse sports, as if there are such things worth discussing, but before he leaves us for good he penned one more piece about the Syracuse Orange basketball team for the New York Times.

Specifically, its about assistant coach Gerry McNamara and shooting guard Trevor Cooney. So you're going to go read it. But just in case, here's the best parts...

  • Boeheim refers to both of them as "hard-nosed, tough guys." Somebody's rubbing off, I see...
  • Gerry was once just a boy "who loved silly comedies and Notre Dame football and winning basketball games." I demand to know which silly comedies are his favorites. I'm assuming a lot of Marx Brothers.
  • Cooney "loved the Fighting Irish and adored the movies "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express."" Ohhh…so, pot movies.
  • "He reminded me of me." - Gerry, paying the highest complement one human being has ever paid to another
  • In their shooting contests, "Sometimes, only swishes count."