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Cameron MacPherson Sees The Light, Will Transfer From Georgetown To Syracuse

Cameron MacPherson, grandson of Dick, brother of Macky, is correcting his error of attending Georgetown by transferring to Syracuse.


One of the greatest crimes of our nascent century was perpetrated when the Georgetown Hoyas, suckling at the teet of Lucifer himself, convinced QB Cameron MacPherson, grandson of Dick, brother of Macky, to matriculate at their school instead of the hometown Syracuse Orange.

It took some soul-searching and tough decision-making, but good has finally prevailed over evil as MacPherson told that he intends to transfer from Georgetown to Syracuse to carry high the mantle of Syracuse Mac.

Cameron said he's spoken with head coach Scott Shafer and hopes to enroll at Syracuse for the spring semester. He would sit his first year and have two seasons of eligibility remaining.

"I went to some classes with Macky (last spring) and I really enjoyed it," Cameron said. "I've always been involved with the program a little bit. I've always wanted to give it a shot and I decided it was something I couldn't pass up."

SU is pretty flush with quarterbacks over the next couple seasons, but it's a moot point as MacPherson plans to become a tight end for the Orange.

For anyone thinking it's simply a courtesy invite, remember, you thought the same thing about Macky. And look how he turned out.