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Straight-Up, Are You Going To The Texas Bowl Or Not?

Let's cut the chit-chat. Are you going or not?


Because this is Syracuse Orange football, the biggest question besides the outcome of the upcoming football game is, what will attendance look like? The Texas Bowl is coming off their most poorly-attended game since they started and this year's match-up has to be striking fear into their ticket-selling hearts.

The game itself claims over 42K tickets are already sold, but you and I know that's a bit of hustle-speak. Maybe those tickets are accounted for, but it doesn't mean half of them will be used.

Last year, Minnesota was on the hook for 12K tickets to the game. They apparently sold somewhere between 2-3K. Thankfully, Syracuse only has to try and sell 4K (help them out here). For the record, Texas Tech supposedly sold 8-9K last year, which seems low.

Tickets range from so-so to pretty pricy. Syracuse has travel package but, oddly, those packages don't include flights. That leads us to the biggest issue of all…paying for the flights. Because by all accounts, it is expensive to fly to Houston post-Christmas. Round-trip flights from Syracuse are in the $650 range. Newark is around $600. Here in Seattle, it's in the $550 range.

You're looking at a trip that costs, on the very low end, $1,000 per person. I have to imagine that a lot of SU fans are looking at the numbers and wondering if it's really worth it to spend all that money to go see their 6-6 football team halfway across the nation.

(Of course this is where the bowl system really, really pisses me off because then we get labeled as bad fans, even though it kinda is ridiculous to ask this of regular people for a game that's, let's be honest, basically an exhibition. It doesn't make you a bad fan if you don't feel like shelling out thousands of dollars to be at this game.)

Anyway, those who have pondered the Texas Bowl attendance have done so with little hope. No one at thinks SU fans will show up, for the reasons I stated above. And the more I think about it, the more I agree.

So, I was curious to put it to a test. Take the informal poll below and let's see what the reality might look like. You guys are the true Syracuse fans, not the disloyal contract-breaking idiots. No judgments, but what's your plan for the Texas Bowl?