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Syracuse Bowl Projections: How Do We Ensure The Orange Go Bowling?

It involves rooting against Rutgers, so you'll like it.

by FabMeloVSDoorFrame

You have two questions.

1. What bowl are the 6-6 Syracuse Orange going to get in?

2. Is there a chance they could get left out altogether?

My answers? No one has any idea and yes. But let's extrapolate as much as we can.

First, we turn to the bowl projections. It's an inexact science that makes bracketology look like thermodynamics, but, it's something. The crux of the issue is that the ACC is going to have eleven bowl-eligible teams for only nine placements. That means that Pitt & Syracuse are most likely at the mercy of filling spots made available by other conference shortfalls. Let's see where everyone thinks we'll shake out...

SB Nation: Little Caesar's vs. Bowling Green

CBS Sports: Heart of Dallas vs. Rice

Mark Sclabach: Heart of Dallas vs. North Texas

ACC Confidential: Heart of Dallas vs. Rice

Brad Edwards: No bowl

CFN: No bowl

Phil Steele: No bowl

So…that's not entirely encouraging. Herm Frazier says he thinks the ACC will make sure Syracuse gets into a bowl but that and a cup of coffee will get you nothing. Herm actually has no idea because it comes down to more than good wishing. We're gonna have to root for a couple things...

No More Bowl Eligible Teams, Please

Commenter Danger Zone! does a good breakdown of the bowl eligibility situation but it basically comes down to this… Rutgers, SMU and South Alabama are the only teams currently not eligible who can still become eligible. If any of them win their final game, they're in the mix. South Alabama isn't as much a threat, especially considering they're playing an 8-3 Louisiana-Lafayette squad. However, it would be a huge help to the Orange if both SUNJ and SMU, or at least one of them, didn't make it. SMU plays UCF (10-1), so that's a good sign. Rutgers plays USF (2-9), so we might be asking too much. Either way, so long as one of them loses, that opens up a spot (likely in the Beef O'Brady). If both lose, all the better.

Double BCS Bids

Assuming FSU beats Duke, both they and Clemson should receive BCS bids. It's hard to imagine the Orange Bowl wouldn't take Clemson (and in the unlikely event of Duke upsetting FSU, one of them would go here). That opens up one more slot in the ACC tie-ins, so that's good. Both the Big Ten and SEC are also looking likely for double BCS bids and that's what opens up a spot in the Heart of Dallas Bowl that so many folks seem to think we're destined for. That also means the Little Caesar's needs to fill a Big Ten slot that's empty.


So, basically, just make sure you root against Rutgers (duh), SMU and South Alabama next week. And keep an eye on flights to Dallas as well as Detroit...