Maui Championship T-Shirts: 'Cuse Nō Ka ʻOi

The Syracuse Orange are the 2013 Maui Invitational Champs. Should we be surprised that there is a t-shirt? No, of course not. That's how we do. But what we should be surprised about is that it's not actually made my Syracuse this time around, and the phrase on the shirt is awesome.


It's a little hard to read, but underneath "Champions" the shirt reads 'Cuse Nō Ka ʻOi. In Hawaiian, that translates to 'Cuse is the Best.

Damn that's hot. 'Cuse Nō Ka ʻOi! 'Cuse Nō Ka ʻOi!

If only Rob Murphy were still here he could turn it into the chorus of a rap.