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Happy Thanksgivukkah, Syracuse Fans

Enjoy watching Catching Fire after your dinner catches fire.

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Tom Pennington

Just wanted to drop a note to say Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Thanksgivikkah for those celebrating both. Enjoy your Manischewitz-brined turkey.

We'll be MIA on Thursday but we'll have some content back up on Friday in preparation for the Syracuse Orange vs. Boston College Eages game, not to mention some Maui Invitational recap goodness.

In the meantime, try to answer the all-important question…what is the best movie for the Syracuse Football team to go see in preparation for the BC game? Considering it's a do-or-die game, I have to believe Catching Fire is the only way to go.

Macky MacPherson declined to say which movie the Orange would attend but said "Hunger Games" and "Thor 2" were among the most popular choices voiced by players.

What, no Delivery Man?

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